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What is IPR Host ?

IPR Host is the professional digital assistant for any IP company!


  • Dynamic system following your work procedure and your deadlines
  • Automated workflow process management
  • Task manager dashboard with work alerts for tracking ongoing tasks
  • Daily mails with all current tasks
  • Tasks and applications can be synchronised with your calendar software
  • Work file progress visualisation
  • Work files have links to the corresponding IP offices
  • Tools for Trademarks, Patents, Utility models, SPC and law-cases management
  • Secondary actions for all objects
  • Automatic reminders for renewals and annuity payments
  • Drafts sytem
  • Clients can submit new requests through IPR Host or through The Worldwide TM Order
  • Shared documents with clients
  • Automatic reports for the client and the current status
  • Archive functionality
  • Quick access to clients, representative and lawyers
  • Power of Attorney Generator
  • Automatic notifications to clients
  • Algorithm calculating estimated registration dates
  • Access from all over the world
  • Independent of operating system
  • Distributed in several languages, including English, French and Russian

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